C4 – Exam Tip #1

Differentiating As part of the C4 content, you must know how to differentiate where is a constant. The trick to finding when is first taking the natural logarithm of both sides of this equation: Then use the laws of logarithms to bring the outside: We can then differentiate both sides of this equation (this means […]

Puzzle #2

You have 2 empty bottles. One bottle holds 3 litres of water and the other holds 5. You also have a running tap. Using only the empty bottles and the tap, explain how you could get exactly 4 litres of water. Note that there is no way of knowing how much is in a bottle […]

Puzzle #1

Only one of the following statements is true, which one is it? A: B is true B: E is false C: statements A to E are true D: statements A to E are false E: A is false

Teaching Times Tables or Multiplication?

More often than not, teachers encourage a child to focus on one particular times table at a time. The child will then be tested and advised to move on to the next times table. No offence to teachers (they are very busy people) but there is a fundamental problem with this kind of learning. Young […]