These worksheets have been designed to guide students through the new A-Level Maths syllabus with a specific focus on slow-build and retention. There are 9 pure maths questions and 2 on each of the applied subjects – Statistics and Mechanics – on each worksheet targeting the key areas as specified by the Edexcel syllabus (teaching from Sep 2017).
The worksheets are designed progressively so that introductory content is minimal. They are also designed to aid retention – questions are built on progressively and the time that lapses between each topic revisit is short.

logo20137 Worksheet 1

Test students on their memory of the key areas of Maths to date. They should already know this material – possibly need some reminding – but no new learning points have been covered.


logo20137 Worksheet 2

Most of this worksheet covers material that students should already know but in addition students will need to know: basic simplification of surds, factorial notation and the concept of acceleration.


logo20137 Worksheet 3

The new learning points to complete this worksheet include: differentiating polynomials, vector modulus notation, standard deviation, vector and force quantities.


The worksheets are designed to cover the content examinable in Paper 1 – for both the AS and A-Level Maths exams – however, these worksheets can be used in current A-Level Maths or with any syllabus directed at the correct age group. The solutions are included in the worksheets and students will also have a chance to practice exam style questions.