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Exam board: Edexcel

Level & Subject: AS-Level Mathematics or equivalent (see product description)

First teaching: September 2017

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This 44-page book is ideal for anyone beginning to explore the world of differential calculus. It is perfect for students in the first year of the new A-Level Maths syllabus (or equivalent) looking to get an introduction to DIFFERENTIATION and its applications. Written by a university lecturer with a PhD in Mathematics and extensive experience in maths tuition, the text is succinct, examples are provided with clear explanation and exercise solutions are given in detail. Exam practice questions with detailed solutions are also provided. Equipped with some prerequisite knowledge of algebra and graphs, readers of this book will learn about the following introductory areas of differential calculus:

Gradients and Derivatives, Differentiation from First Principles, Differentiating Polynomials, Tangents and Normals, Higher Derivatives, Stationary Points, Curve Sketching, Rates

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Dr Natalie Douglas


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