The De-Suis Shrubbs

“My son really struggled with Maths at school. I met with his teacher three times to find out how I could help him, their advice was learn it by rote but it didn’t work. He was in Year 3 and was stuck on 2 times tables. He was being teased by other children who were progressing and I was desperate to find help.
A friend had just found Natalie and recommended her. I sat in on her first session with my son and was amazed to see him counting in 3s within half an hour. Natalie had made the concept of times tables understandable. She told my son that ‘times tables are just about piles of things’ and got out her lollisticks. He totally got it and has been progressing ever since.
Dr Nat, as she is affectionately known in our family, is inspirational. She makes maths understandable, interesting and fun. She gives children the ability to develop techniques and strategies that work for them which boosts their confidence and encourages enjoyment of maths.”

Evan says: “Dr Nat is great. She is good at making maths fun now I can understand it. She helps me.”