A-Level Maths A-Level Maths C3 Module  A-Level Maths

The C3 Module consists of the following topic areas:  Algebraic Fractions, more on Functions, Logarithms & Exponentials, Numerical Methods, Modding & more Transformations, more Trigonometric Functions, more Trigonometric Identities and more Differentiation. We have designed our C3 worksheets so that each question corresponds to each of the topic areas and the questions increase in difficulty from worksheet to worksheet. See below for a description of each of the topic areas or…

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  1. Algebraic Fractions – perform operations with algebraic fractions. Simplify and use remainder theorem to divide them.
  2. Domain & Range or Composite & Inverse Functions – find valid value intervals for the domain and range of a function. Apply a function to a function including at specific values and find inverses.
  3. Logarithms & Exponentials – know what the graph of a number to the power of x looks like. Know what e is and use the natural logarithm to invert the exponential function.
  4. Numerical Methods for Finding Roots – understand that a function has a root on an interval where it changes from negative to positive. Rearrange equations and use iteration to approximate roots.
  5. The Mod Function and Transformations – know what the mod function does and apply transformations. Solve equations involving mod functions.
  6. More Trigonometric Functions – Know the sec, cosec and cotan functions and their graphs. Know the inverse functions of the standard trig functions and their graphs.
  7. More Trigonometric Identities – derive identities involving the new trig functions. Know how to use double angle and composite angle formulae.
  8. More Differentiation – know how to differentiate the new functions. Use the product, quotient and chain rule to differentiate various combinations of standard functions.