A-Level Maths A-Level Maths C4 Module  A-Level Maths

The C4 Module consists of the following topic areas:  Partial Fractions, Parametric Equations, more on Binomial Expansion, Differentiation, Vectors and Integration. We have designed our C4 worksheets so that each question corresponds to each of the topic areas and the questions increase in difficulty from worksheet to worksheet. See below for a description of each of the topic areas or…

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  1. Partial Fractions – split fractions into partial fractions including denominators with repeated roots and improper algebraic fractions.
  2. Parametric equations – coordinate geometry in parametric equations, converting parametric equations to a Cartesian equation, find areas using parametric equations.
  3. Binomial Expansion – find the binomial expansion of (1+x)^n where n\in{\mathbb Q}, questions may involve removing a factor from the brackets first and can also include the use of partial fractions as well as using the found expansion.
  4. Differentiation – differentiation with parametric equations, implicit differentiation, differentiating exponential functions, rates and formulating differential equations.
  5. Vectors – scalar multiplication and addition of vectors, magnitude of vectors, unit vectors, position vectors, Cartesian components, 3D vectors, the scalar product & the angle between two vectors, the vector equation of a straight line, the intersection of and the angle between two lines.
  6. Integration – standard integrals, using trigonometric identities to integrate, integration by substitution, integration using partial fractions, integration by parts, trapezium rule, volumes of revolution and solving differential equations.