Worksheet 1


This worksheet has been designed to test students on their memory of the key areas of Maths. They should already know this material and no new learning points have been covered. In this worksheet, students will revise the following topics in pure maths:

  1. Simple proof
  2. Solving quadratics
  3. Sketching straight lines
  4. nth term
  5. The cosine rule
  6. Sketching quadratics
  7. Finding the equation of a straight line from 2 points
  8. The area of a right-angled triangle
  9. Translation

and the following topics in Statistics and Mechanics:

  1. Mean, median, mode, range, interquartile range and box plots (Statistics)
  2. Tree diagrams (Statistics)
  3. Speed units (Mechanics)
  4. Speed calculation (Mechanics)

The solutions are included in the worksheets and students will also have a chance to practice exam style questions.