Worksheet 3


The new learning points to complete this worksheet include: differentiating polynomials, vector modulus notation, standard deviation, vector and force quantities. In addition to this, students will revise the following topics in pure maths:

  1. The positiveness of algebraic square numbers
  2. simplifying expressions
  3. finding the equation of a perpendicular line
  4. expanding and simplifying a triple bracket
  5. the area of a non right angled triangle
  6. identifying powers
  7. simple differentiation
  8. area of a triangle
  9. modulus of a vector

and the following topics in Statistics and Mechanics:

  1. calculating standard deviation (Statistics)
  2. set notation and probability in Venn diagrams(Statistics)
  3. vector quantities (Mechanics)
  4. force quantities (Mechanics)

The solutions are included in the worksheet and students will also have a chance to practice exam style questions.