The Mechanics element of the AS-Level in Mathematics consists of the following topic areas:
Quantities & Units in Mechanics, Kinematics and Forces & Newton’s Laws. In addition to these topics, the A-Level in Mathematics also covers Moments. See bottom of the page for things you should memorise for AS Mechanics.

A Level Maths

Quantities & Units in A-Level Maths:

In addition to the above:

  • (no additional content)

AS Level Maths

Kinematics in AS-Level Maths:

A Level Maths

Kinematics in A-Level Maths:

In addition to the above (including extension to two dimensions in some areas):

  • projectile motion under gravity

A Level Maths

Forces & Newton’s Laws in A-Level Maths:

In addition to the above (where resolution in two dimensions is also required) the following topics are covered:

  • resultant forces and dynamics
  • friction

AS Level Maths

Moments in AS-Level Maths:

  • Not covered in AS-Level Maths

A Level Maths

Moments in A-Level Maths:

In addition to the above:

  • using moments in problems with static rigid bodies in equilibrium

Things to remember for AS Mechanics

The SUVAT Equations


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Variable Acceleration

  • {\bf v}=\frac{d{\bf r}}{dt}
  • {\bf a}=\frac{d{\bf v}}{dt}=\frac{d^2{\bf r}}{dt^2}
  • {\bf v}=\int{\bf a}dt
  • {\bf r}=\int{\bf v}dt=\int\left(\int{\bf a}dt\right)dt

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  • Gravity: g=9.8m/s^2
  • Resultant Force: F=ma
  • Friction: F\leq \mu R, at maximum when object is moving or about to move.