AS Level Maths

Trigonometry in AS-Level Maths (from Sep 2017):

During the year that students study for an AS-Level in Maths, they will be required to cover the following topic areas in TRIGONOMETRY:

These topic areas will be tested in the Pure Mathematics paper – Paper 1.

A Level Maths

Trigonometry in A-Level Maths (from Sep 2017):

In addition to the above, students studying for an A-Level in Maths will also be required to study the following areas in TRIGONOMETRY:

  • arc length and area of a sector
  • small angle approximations
  • exact values of sin, cos and tan
  • reciprocal and inverse trigonometric functions
  • more trigonometric identities
  • double angle and compound angle formulae
  • trigonometric proof
  • problems in context

This is done over 2 years and these additional topic areas will be tested in Pure Mathematics Paper 2.