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Get ahead of the game – instantly download the Proof TEST and its SOLUTIONS and master proof by deduction, proof by exhaustion and disproof by counterexample. Don’t cram at exam time, study now while you’re on-the-go. See below for an example question and details on how to access your files in the next few minutes.

Note that this proof test is included in the AS Maths Proof course – take the course now.



The Proof TEST is the latest in StudyWell’s collection of downloadable resources. There are 12 questions in the Proof TEST (16 including subquestions) covering proof by deduction, proof by exhaustion and disproof by counterexample. The solutions will give you details on which method to choose and why and also provide detailed explanations on how to apply them for each question. When payment is processed, you will automatically go to a page where the Proof TEST and its solutions can be downloaded. You will also be sent an email with two PDF documents attached: the Proof TEST and the Proof TEST detailed solutions.

There is a small charge for the test solutions – this is to support the construction of this website and the development of future resources. You can pay via PayPal or with your card.

It is recommended (yet optional) that you create an account to access your files when you return to StudyWell. If you choose to create an account, we will store your files so you may click on ‘My Account’ to access your files. Otherwise, simply download them from your confirmation email.

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