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We are here to support students studying AS-Level and A-Level Maths. Throughout this website, you will find lots of free resources to help you do the best on your A-Level. We have A-Level practice papers for the new maths specification, past exam papers, questions grouped by topic, handy worksheets and pages dedicated to each of the topic areas in A-Level Maths.

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A-Level MathsStudents taking an A-Level in Maths will study various core and applied modules over 2 years. The applied modules fall within 4 categories: Pure Mathematics, Statistics, Mechanics, Decision Maths.

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A-Level MathsHere you will find A-Level practice papers based on the new 2017 Edexcel Maths specification.

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We have collated exam questions by topic for your convenience, complete with solutions. Find a selection of past exam questions on the following topics:

AS MathsAS Maths

AS Level MathsFrom September 2017, students taking AS Maths will study Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics. At the end of 1 year, the AS assessment will consist of 2 papers: a pure exam and an applied (stats & mechanics) exam. Paper 1 is the Pure Mathematics paper and Paper 2 is the Applied Maths papers. The pure paper is 2 hours long. The applied paper is 1 hour long.
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A-Level MathsA-Level Maths

A Level Maths From September 2017, like in AS Maths, students taking A-Level Maths will also study Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics. After 2 years, the A-Level assessment will consist of three papers: 2 pure exams and 1 applied (stats & mechanics). Papers 1 and 2 are pure maths papers. Paper 3 is the applied maths paper. All of the papers are 2 hours long.
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studywellPast Papers

pastpaperWe have the past A-Level Maths papers for all maths modules that were examined by the Edexcel examination board dating back to 2005.

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