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StudyWell is a website for students studying A-Level Maths (or equivalent course). We have lots of resources including A-Level content delivered in manageable bite-size pieces. We also have practice papers, past papers, questions by topic, worksheets, hints, tips, advice and much, much more.

AS Maths

Explore the topics that you are expected to learn in the first year of A-Level Maths.

A2 Maths

In addition to AS Maths, find out what you need to know for the second year of A-Level Maths.

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A-Level Maths is taught over two years: The first year is called AS Maths and the second year is called A2 Maths. Here at StudyWell we have written content that corresponds to these years very carefully. We have followed the Edexcel syllabus according to the three topic areas they give. These include Pure Maths, Statistics and Mechanics which are taught across both years. Click on one of the buttons to find out more.

Pure Maths

Proof, Algebra & Functions, Coordinate Geometry, Sequences & Series, Trigonometry, Exponentials & Logs, Differentiation, Integration, Numerical Methods, Vectors


Statistical Sampling, Data Presentation & Interpretation, Probability, Statistical Distributions, Statistical Hypothesis Testing



Quantities and Unit in Mechanics, Kinematics, Forces & Newton's Law, Moments


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Dr Nat studied for a Masters Degree in Mathematics at the University of Surrey. She graduated with a first class honours degree and returned to continue her studies and graduated again with a PhD in Maths a few years later. Originally specialising in Fluid Dynamics, Dr Nat went on to do research in Numerical Weather Prediction as well as becoming a lecturer at the same University she studied at. 

Whilst teaching at the university, Dr Nat also privately tutored many many students and realised there was a need for a great Maths website. Dr Nat creates all of the content on this website herself and welcomes any feedback, so get in touch!

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