this year’s AS and A-Level exams are cancelled and teachers are working with the government to decide on the grades you should be awarded. However, it is vitally IMPORTANT that you continue your A-Level education as best you can. Follow your teacher’s suggestions even if the work is not required to be handed in.

Click here for more government details and here for news from Pearson Edexcel.

Throughout this website, you will find lots of free resources to help you do the best for your A-Level in Maths. We have detailed explanations and examples for all topic areas (currently AS),  A-Level practice papers for the new maths specification, past exam papers, questions grouped by topic and many more resources.

Question of the Week

Given that f for x\textgreater 0, and the point (4,-8) lies on the graph of y=f(x), find f(x) simplifying each term.

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Past A-Level Maths papers for all maths modules examined by Edexcel dating back to 2005.


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