A2 Maths (second year of A-Level Maths)

A2 Maths is the name we give to the second year of A-Level Mathematics. For the full A-Level in Maths, students must study for two full years and take exams in the summer at the end of Year 2. Students also have the option to get a qualification in AS Maths for which they will only study for one year (see more on AS Maths). However, there are more exams and they are more advanced in content and difficulty when studying both the AS and A2 Maths years. See below for more exam information or click here to see the Edexcel website information for A-Level Mathematics.

Topics covered in A2 Maths

A-Level Maths Exam Information

From September 2017, the Edexcel Maths A-Level will be taught from a new linear syllabus. Students will start learning the material in September and will take two exams in May/June two years later. The examinations are made up of 3 papers: 2 papers on Pure Mathematics and 1 paper on Statistics and Mechanics. Students are expected to be familiar with the Large Dataset.