Differentiation is the process of finding the gradient of a curve. Recall that the gradient is a measure of steepness. The gradient on a straight line is constant but on a curve is always changing. Differentiation and Integration form a branch of mathematics known as Calculus.

Differentiation in AS Level Maths

Differentiation in AS-Level Maths (from Sep 2017):

During the year that students study for an AS-Level in Maths, they will be required to cover the following topic areas in DIFFERENTIATION:

These topic areas will be tested in the Pure Mathematics paper – Paper 1.

Differentiation in A Level Maths

Differentiation in A-Level Maths (from Sep 2017):

In addition to the above, students studying for an A-Level in Maths will also be required to study the following areas in DIFFERENTIATION:

  • Differentiate trigonometric functions from first principles. Understand the connection between the second derivative and convex/concave functions.
  • Differentiate trigonometric and exponential functions.
  • Use the product rule, quotient rule and chain rule.
  • Implicit and parametric differentiation.
  • Construct simple differential equations.

This is done over 2 years and these additional topic areas will be tested in Pure Mathematics Paper 2.

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